2023 is a big year for me; new studio, a Retrospective show at Tiffany Peay Jewelry, and my first time in the South Coast Artists 20th Annual Open Studio Tour. The video below, posted on Instagram by South Coast Artists sponsor Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty tells the story.

Video courtesy of Mott and Chase Realty and South Coast Artists

Moving to a new home earlier this year was life changing. We are more exposed to the winds of Narragansett Bay and yet, we can SEE the bay to our West and South. There is a lot of yard work to do, yet we have beautiful new gardens popping up thanks to Tiffany’s hard work. Then, there is daffodil season. Gardening folk who have lived here many seasons past planted numerous types of the Narcissus bulb along the road and lining the fields, a wave of delight to welcome spring. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, after the Narcissus passed, the Lilac bloomed in purple and white. Many of these are old trees up to 15 feet tall. We had seas of lilac undulating and filling the air with heavenly fragrance. It was like a dream for a couple of weeks.

To say this place is an inspiration is a vast understatement!

So I am happy to welcome friends I already know, and friends of South Coast Artists who I do not yet know, to come see my studio this summer during the two weekends of the tour on July 15-16 and August 19-20. Oh yes, the chickens of Fogland Ferry Farm will be here to greet guests and tell their story, too. Plan your visit!