Landscape Painting in January

We felt the need to switch things up from still life painting at Paint Box Studio today, so why not paint the beautiful day unfolding outdoors? From our window at our Beach Studios residence this winter, the water, marsh grass, birds and sky give us plenty to see and paint.

The winter morning light raked from one side across the land and water before us. Ice in the reservoir meant the birds stood on the water instead of floating in it. In the distance, the ocean rolled in as it always has and will.

It’s a refresh for the painters and I took the morning to paint as well. Before we gather to assess the morning’s work in the group crit, I stole a moment to capture these shots. If you would like to join in, I make it very easy to get started.

Easton’s Beach
Going in
Working the last touch
Best use for a picture window

Paint Box Studio at the Beach

Students painting still life at Paint Box Studio at Beach Studios.

The Paint Box Studio 2020 winter season at Beach Studios has begun! On a beautiful Friday, our first class featured three painters, two beginners and one continuing from our December series.  The new space has great energy and is full of light and life.  Located above a childcare facility, there are times of laughter and elation from below reminding us to be young at heart and embrace our joy.

We began with a still life of tall white Calla lilies and small red and green apples on a neutral background.  The three painted very different compositions as I focused them on color and the contrasts.  We started with mixing colors, variations of green and an array of reds.   We took a few breaks to step back, look and discuss.  Martha shared her images of visiting the Van Gogh exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany.  It was a refreshing for the beginners and I urged them to open their minds to color, contrast and expressionism.

The class was a great start to my series of classes at Beach Studios.  I am grateful for the space and honor the dedicated artists who use the space in a practical and professional manner.   I am open to new students and encourage all levels of painters to give my classes a try.  Why not create enrichment time for yourself in 2020?  I know I can help expand your vision.