Forever Flowers

Floral Still Life

Bringing Nature indoors, creating a metaphor for landscape in my studio, seeing new possibilities with color ; I add the intoxicating visual and olfactory celebration in a blossom to memories and narratives of the human heart in these paintings. Recklessly bounding through spots of color like a bee after the nectar within.

Foyer Frolic, oil on panel by Peter Dickison, 2020

Foyer Frolic

Could tulips be any more alive? As I paint they are moving, reaching and growing, changing positions.

Nuptial Dream, oil on panel by Peter Dickison, 2020

Nuptial Dream

Sliding from magenta to green to white colors in a timeless kind of light. Reverie, hopeful and yearning.

Zinnia Profusion, oil on panel, 2020 by Peter Dickison
Fall Flourish, oil on panel, 2018 by Peter Dickison
Perfect Couple oil painting copyright 2017 Peter Dickison
Perfect Couple, oil on panel, 2017 by Peter Dickison
Macaron Allegory copyright 2016 Dickison
The Macaron Allegory, oil on panel