2021, oil on linen, 35×21 in.

Painted between May and November, 2021, this canvas illuminates the potential in a canvas painted over a period of time for that canvas to encapsulate the artist’s perception of life events during its making. This painting unfolds, seems to stretch time and exist in different times. If two dimensional art is concerned with depth as the extra dimension, here I have felt the presence of that elusive dimension of time, which has often been said to slip through the fingers of a grasping soul. I think of it more as a stream of water flowing over and around us, bearing us on its course. A memory that slips possibly into something like fantasy, has come back to us with associated smells, sounds, light, color, feel and meaning.

When a person begins to lose their grasp of the present, other things and people begin to enter the room. The mind brings forth all that we seem to want, giving us the forms which we need to see.

This painting is composed along a spiral of the Golden Mean, a spiral that can be observed in many life forms. The spiral is like the journey taken in life that becomes the fount of our memory.