Art After Dark at the Museum 

Last night the museum highlighted several of the classes that are taught at the museum’s Coleman Center. My Portrait & Figure Monday class had a great time drawing and painting the main gallery and invited museum guests to take a shot at drawing the portrait of our model. You can see a couple of photos of the evening at Instagram.

Our model Leelee has been an intern in our MUSE program since last year, and assisted youth art teachers this summer as well. She enthusiastically stepped up to be our portrait model for the evening. Below is my drawing of her. 

Leelee drawing  ©2016 Peter Dickison
Leelee in profile, 35x28cm. graphite.
Leelee portrait by young Faye 2016
Faye Dickison, Leelee’s Portrait, 9/9/16

Painting Class at Whetstone

Late in August, one of my outdoor painting students invited the class out to her summer residence to paint on the grounds overlooking the ocean. I didn’t have to think very hard before accepting, and we all went out on the designated morning on a steamy summer day.

After a brief look around, we all decided it would be best to keep to the shade; the day promised to be very hot despite the nice sea breeze. The view was east toward Sachuest Point with a prominent rocky ridge just at the near coast. The place was quintessentially coastal New England, with the kind of summer light one never forgets. My painting from the morning is shown here.

I felt the need to see some part of the house in the picture. It seemed like being on the porch of the house was part and parcel of looking out at the ocean there. But instead of painting from the porch, I painted the porch itself, along with the wicker chair one would need to spend the morning looking out, reading, writing and considering the eternal.

painting class at Whetstone
Painting class at Whetstone. If you look closely, one student is visible on the porch.
Whetstone painting ©2016 Peter Dickison
Whetstone, 2016, oil on linen mounted on panel, 20×28 cm.


pocket knife sketch
Day 1, something found in my pocket. My opinel pocket knife.

Back in the winter of 2015, I accepted a challenge from my friend George to do one sketch a day for 100 days on 3×3″ post-it notes. Each week we were presented with a theme, and by searching #stickysketch100 one can find all manner of sketchy people taking this challenge. I find sketching and doodling an opportunity for humor and wit- I had a lot of fun doing these little squares in different drawing media.

My tumblr blog documents the whole thing. The post-its are numbered for each day. Those wishing to start at day 1 can start at the archive for February, 2015.



Color Investigations

Radiolab podcast has an episode devoted to thought provoking discussions of color, both scientific and theoretical.
Prepare to have your mind blown somewhere oer the rainbow.. listen here

or mosey over to radiolab and listen to the Color episode here.

The same flower shown in the light range we see and how a bee or butterfly sees it, including the ultraviolet range.