Peter Dickison,

(b. 1960), native of Rhode Island, studied painting at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the Yale University Summer School for Art, and the Parson’s School of Design Graduate Program in Painting.

After school, Dickison was studio assistant to the artist Nell Blaine (1922-1996), whose exuberant spirit for life and painting was a strong influence. As Assistant Teacher for Drawing with the Cleveland Institute of Art in Lacoste, France, he worked with drawing professor Leonard Stokes, taught landscape and figure drawing, and painted prolifically in the landscape of Provence.  As writer Laurence Hazell once commented on Dickison’s work, “his central intuition is that human activity is framed by nature and that human understanding fabricates the landscape.”

He has exhibited at the Prince Street Gallery in New York City, SUNY Purchase Art Gallery, the Newport Art Museum, Crowell’s Fine Art and Gallery X in New Bedford and Deblois Gallery in Newport. He has taught painting, drawing and portraiture at the Newport Art Museum and currently teaches independently. His work is available at Tiffany Peay Jewelry and Healing Arts.


from Peter Dickison

“I love olives and figs; both are gifts from nature. Yet the olive must be coaxed from its bitter, natural state with brine, salt and time before its flavor can be unlocked and savored, while the fig develops a voluptuous sweetness on the tree for one who picks the fruit ripe. The duality of these two fruits, savory and sweet, bitter and luscious, is to me an expression of life. It is the salty tears of loss and the glory of love, a harsh Winter followed by the promise of blossoms, always kept, in Spring.

I have this perception in my painting. I infuse my work with the ripening effect of time and a taste for the resonance of color. In painting, my still life becomes a landscape of contemplation, and my landscape, a place fabricated by the complexion of the human heart.”